Waskerley Reservoir, North Durham Moors.

I had a quick visit to the osteopath in Durham this afternoon to have some running repairs. Durham was wonderful as ever.

On the way home I took a detour onto the North Durham moors to see the last of the snow. It is years since I drove along the road from Castleside on the A68 to Edmudbyres Cross, the highest point of the road to Weardale. Wild and unforgiving countryside, I had almost forgotten how beautiful it is up there. When we were kids we used to come up here for picnics in the ancient Ford Anglia, “LTY 459″‘ (three gears and no synchromesh, but a big metal sun-visor!)  Incidently we drove up to the Ardnumurchan Peninsular in that car, it only took twelve hours…..!!

This is Waskerley Reservoir where along with Hishope and Smiddy Shaw reservoirs, we used to play and paddle before the Health and Safety zealots got involved….


Waskerley Reservoir, North Durham Moors.

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