Newcastle, then and now…..

I had to make a short trip to Newcastle this morning, this is our local railway station, slightly down-at-heel but still possesses a certain charm.  The line follows the River Tyne for much of the twenty minute journey and is very pleasant in parts.

Errands done I had time to kill but after last weeks exertions at the cottage I headed back to Central Station rather than trailing round the streets and shops, and wandered around the station for a while.  At the west end of the platforms I remembered a school visit to the castle where, from the battlements we could look down on the railway station.  The scene below, long before the installation of the overhead electrification power lines in the picture, we were told, contained the largest points complex in the world.  As I looked out today, over the car parks, warehouses and stores it seemed even longer ago than the forty five plus years that it is…..  It was quite a sight.

I even came across a group of train spotters.  Good to see that some things never change!!


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