I took my mother over to Consett early yesterday morning for a dental appointment.

While I was sitting in the Landrover in the car park, listening to music and generally pondering, well nothing,  I found myself gazing at the scene in front of me.  When I left Consett in 1981 the whole of the view (and very much more) in the  photograph below was occupied by the historic Consett steel works.

I have to say that given the choice I would rather be looking at one of the best steel plants in Europe (the world?) than Aldi, Morrisons, KFC, McDonalds and a now closed Focus store.  Not to mention yet another new estate of unsaleable houses being built…….

The Consett I grew up in was filthy dirty but it was a community that had enormous pride.  Today?  To me it is now a complete soulless dump.


3 thoughts on “Consett

  1. Last two paragraphs have summed up where we as a Nation went wrong. We’d rather import cheap tacky products than make good products ourselves – we’re all guilty of buying the cheapest.

    PS I think taking your Mum to an Aldi dentist is hitting a new low.


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