Roe Deer Buck

Every morning and evening I drive up to my Mother’s cottage to see to the hens and donkeys, and my Mother!

For the last few months when I don’t have a camera with me I see a pair of Roe deer in a particular field and of course when I do have a camera, I don’t……

This morning the weather was perfect, I had a camera and the deer were there, the buck stood for a while then took flight across the field back to the woods.  Some days life can be pretty near perfect!

It must be forty odd years since I saw my first deer and ever since then I have been amazed how quiet they are, I was no more than 50 to 60 metres from this buck as he ran through the crop and he was completely silent.  Wonderful………


3 thoughts on “Roe Deer Buck

  1. Awesome photo! Two deer crossed the road in front of me today but they were gone before I even thought about getting the camera out. Now I know why I used to have the camera out and ready all the time! Thanks for sharing!


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