The Storm Now Aproaching……..

…….Is similar to the one just passing!

The Girl’s pony developed acute liver failure, causing frequent collapse and blindness, and the eldest girl who has been recovering nicely from her skiing accident seems to have slipped a disc in her neck on the same day!

As you can imagine the last week has been a little fraught.

The pony is showing signs of recovery, today’s blood tests will reveal more and Lauren having made an emergency trip to the Osteopath in Durham is a bit more mobile now.  Hopefully another visit to Durham this week will have her up and running (literally) in no time.  All she needed as A2s approach with alarming speed!

The final straw was me putting the washing on the line and going to see the Vet, thirty minutes before the biggest thunder storm we have had for a long time……

I will be back when the world improves!!


3 thoughts on “The Storm Now Aproaching……..

  1. oh my gosh Jon! That is an overflowing plate of challenges! I send light and good wishes for you and yours…. may all heal and feel wonderful soon!


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