Spring Morning, and the UN Delegate!

These pictures are from yesterday morning, a lovely bright and mild morning.

Down by the burn at the cottage it was really nice and sheltered and spring like.  The late morning sun dancing on the water was making this dock leaf glow.

Back up in the cottage garden the dwarf tulips are fully opened and their pollen spilling out.

Our eldest girl is now in New York with a school party attending a junior sitting of the United Nations.  We will never hear the end of it!  (Have we ever had a PM who was a Vet?)


2 thoughts on “Spring Morning, and the UN Delegate!

  1. Iridescent and beautiful!

    When you write “it was Spring like” I read it in a Geordie accent.

    Finally caught up with your WordPress – sorry I’m late Sir.


  2. Hi Jon – as to Vet/PM question – she was a chemist from Oxford University but she was very good at neutering the males in her Cabinet (Thatcher!).
    Great pix and words too by the way – quite the creative guy as you gain more experience of life…
    Keep it going mate.


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