A Winters Day

Sheep on the Glen Road

A spread of pictures today, the first in the bright frosty sunshine this morning on the way back from the cottage.  The snow is a little less today despite a light overnight fall but the sheep that remain in the fields are having to work hard to find food, though it has to be said that most are having supplementary feed.

Straw Bales at Dusk

By late  afternoon, a light cloud cover was forming but the temperature still plummeting and the horses were glad to be in and fed.

On the drive home I stopped in the dark to get some shots of the “Old Man’s Baccy” I had seen earlier and immediately began to have doubts as I got out of the Landrover.  It was freezing!  By the time I finished the tips of my gloved fingers were beginning to throb, (oh how we suffer for our art?)

It was minus 7c……

Old Man's Baccy


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