-12c, The Sequel

The glory of this morning’s sunshine and frozen air was somewhat tempered by the heater fan freezing solid on the Landrover!

Sitting in a sub zero tin can trying not to breathe as every exhalation coated the windscreen with ice, while trying to keep on the snow covered raods was not a great deal of fun.  I eventually arrived at the cottage in a fug of de-icer applied to the inside of the windows.  My lungs remained unfrozen throughout…….

Corbridge Common

Towards Todburn Steel

Thankfully, the heater thawed out by the time I drove home.  Anyone who knows about Landrovers will know that the heaters are grossly inadequate but it was bliss!


One thought on “-12c, The Sequel

  1. Great shot! I’ve been waiting for more snowfall over where I am because I’ve been planning a similar shot as your “Towards Todburn Steel.” The combination of the blue tones and the wide view of the fence almost makes it look like an abstract painting when viewed from a distance. Nice work on the rest of your site as well!


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