Tripod Required!

Today was the day, that overgrown hedge on the drive had to be brought back under control after two years of neglect.

My big hedge cutters had come back from the workshop and were lying there taunting me.

Oh well, out with the ladders and a couple of hours later the job was done.

My shoulders are now numb, how on earth did I manage to cut hedges for eight hours a day in the ever distant past, day after day?  All I could do later was to wander round the garden and take pictures of some of the plants.

Some Quercus or other! (Well it is The Children’s Mother’s Birthday so I won’t belabour the fact that she can’t remember!)
One glass of Birthday Malt and now her brain has gone completely….!
I better go back to landscapes tomorrow!!

5 thoughts on “Tripod Required!

  1. I really like the colours in the "some Quercus or other" photograph. I guess autumn's on its way. *sigh*Hope the Children's Mother's head is ok this morning!!!


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