Back From the Wilderness

Internet problems have kept me off-line for a couple of day’s, thank you Talk Talk!  Hopefully my heroes at Orange will prove to be Knights is Shining Armour in the next few days.

Never mind, time for a couple of quick shots.

This robin chick was keeping a close eye on me yesterday.
A sunflower to brighten the day!

10 thoughts on “Back From the Wilderness

  1. Luckily my internet problems can usually be isolated to the boy in the attic doing mega-downloads (a threat of impending death and a reminder who pays the bill usually works a treat!) Hope you're sorted soon…..but in the meantime, 2 lovely shots, I particularly like that fluffy robin!


  2. I thought I'd commented on this one Jon. I love both of these shots. Mr duck and I would also love to meet you both if you're in our end of the world so do keep us informed!


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