Life Goes On….

Despite the rogue gunman just north of us in the beautiful village of Rothbury, one of our old walking and climbing grounds in the Coquet Valley, life goes on.  Dogs are to walk and the wonderful countryside is here to enjoy.

The children’s Mother was a little unwell this morning but dashed out for a short stroll with the dogs in the plantation up the hill from our house in the Tyne Valley, before going back to work this afternoon

It was a lovely morning and nice to be out for a few minutes.

Slender St John’s-Wort  Hypericum pulchrum


Northumberland.  It’s a big county!

12 thoughts on “Life Goes On….

  1. I wondered if it was all happening near you. These events happen anywhere, of course, but, illogically I know, it seems especially surprising in surroundings like these. Stay safe. Beautiful photos, especially the focus on the St John's Wort.


  2. When I was at work yesterday I was talking to a colleague who lives in Rothbury…..she says the atmosphere in the village is a bit surreal, reading between the lines that would have been an understatement! A lovely trio of images Jon!


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