Insect Day

The sun came out this morning, warm and inviting.  A good day to play with the macro setting on the big zoom lens.  Because it is a bit of a hybrid the lens is a bit tricky to use,  it took perhaps one hundred shots to get these three images.  A bit frustrating for me, I am a bit of a one or two shots and live with the result sort.  When I was a student I couldn’t afford much film and it has kind of stuck with me!

Must have been on the ‘red-eye’ flight!…..
……The Brown-eyed-girl?  Yes I know but the names of flying critters isn’t my one of my strengths!
I love Bumble Bees, they are so gentle compared to Honey Bees and Wasps!  In this country there are dozens of different types, sadly all under threat from insecticides and the weather etc.  Look after the bees both Honey and Bumble, they are not only wonderful creatures but also the most valuable crop pollinator we have.  No bees, no grub!

10 thoughts on “Insect Day

  1. Lovely photos…we are the proud new keepers for a bee keeper (we let him keep his hives here) and I find it so interesting to get to know these tiny but amazing creatures. You are so right about taking care of the bees! Our honey farmers here have had areal bad go of it with colony collapse disorder and some have lost 95% of their bees.


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