The Pheasant’s Secret Revealed!

It wasn’t a bad morning and the patient had returned to school, so I drove about ten miles south to and a little beyond the hamlet of Hunstanworth on the Northwest Durham Moors.

That’ll still be snow then!

For those of you that don’t know this area, it’s a bit wild even in the summer but on a day like this you don’t want to break down!  There is a whole lot of not much at the end of that road, at least not till you get to Yorkshire…..!

Now if you are looking for a quiet rural property, with access to all the local amenities, what could be better than this?

Ever since I was a teenager out walking in these parts and the Yorkshire Dales (or The Dales as it is about to be renamed!) I have been fascinated by these walls.  Incidentally, the tower in the top left is an old ventilation chimney from the days of lead mining which was a huge industry here in “the good old days’  It must have been a pretty grim existence.


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